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We have a large selection of reputable local gutter cleaning businesses that are waiting to take your call. All the companies listed have to adhere to our high standards of service and offer a clear pricing structure. If you find that a company listed on our website does not comply then please let us know by email:  listing@expertinsight.com

Gutter Cleaning

What should you expect from a professional gutter cleaning company?

When you make a call to a company, the first thing you should expect is to be greeted on the telephone by a friendly voice. The person answering the call should be very knowledgeable about the services they provide, and they should be willing to take the time to explain any questions you may have and offer a clear pricing structure.

We only offer services that have a clearly defined set of prices. Some companies will try to confuse you with complicated equations that makes it nearly impossible for you to know how much they will charge before you decide to book and they arrive on site. Some will charge by the linear metre, which means that they will charge you for every metre of guttering on the house that they clean. If you have a large property and/or a complicated system then this can work out very expensive.

We offer a clear fixed price system so you can clearly see the price for your property BEFORE you make a booking.

Although our prices may vary between different parts of the country, all the areas will have a clear and easy to understand fixed price structure!

What equipment will be used to clean your gutters?

In today’s world, health and safety is of paramount importance so most forward thinking companies will no longer offer a gutter clean the old fashioned way – using ladders!
All professional gutter cleaning companies will now use a high powered vacuum system that is designed for the purpose and can be used safely from the ground. The modern machines can now lift debris out of the guttering up to approx 5Kg in weight. This is far more suction than is actually needed but ensures that nothing is left behind and no standard gutter cleaning job is unable to be completed.

The vacuum is connected to purpose built carbon fibre extraction poles which extend up to around 40ft to 50ft so even the tallest buildings can be accessed. This allows the machine to collect any leaves, water, moss and small pieces of debris and send them directly down the poles to the waste tank that is part of the vacuum system. Any larger objects that have become stranded in the guttering will be sucked out on the end of the poles and gently lowered to the ground.
This system will leave your gutters free from blockages and allowing the water to run freely again.

How will you know if the gutters require cleaning?

Upon arrival, the first thing that a gutter cleaning staff member should do is take a recording of the gutters, using a wireless camera and monitor system.
This is normally done using a special extendable camera pole and walking around the property taking a live recording as they go. This footage should then be offered for you to view to show you the worst affected areas and that the gutter clean is actually required. If this is not offered then you should definitely ask for the footage to be replayed to you BEFORE any work commences!

When you have viewed the recording and you are happy that the gutters require a professional clean, the gutter clean should then be started. Depending on the size of your property and the amount of debris and growth in the guttering, a standard gutter clean should take anything from 30mins to 2 hours, with an average being approximately around the hour mark!

When the job is completed, a second recording of the gutters should be taken so that you can see the work has been carried out to a satisfactory standard.

The waste from the vacuum system is only organic material and therefore can be used safely on a compost heap or any area of the garden you choose. Alternatively, in certain circumstances, the organic waste can be disposed of for an additional fee.

Minimum Service Requirements!

All our local technicians are expected to meet a minimum standard of excellence. When you use these services you should expect the following as an absolute minimum.

  • No Callout Fee

  • FREE Recorded Survey

  • Fixed Price Charges

Approved Partners

For a reliable, honest and cost effective service we can highly recommend the services of Noble Clean. Check out their website to see if they offer their services in your area.

Watch Our Gutter Cleaning Video

Please watch our video for more information on the exact methods we use to professionally clear out your guttering. We do not use ladders, as this can be a health and safety concern, and our powerful vacuum system can do all the hard work while we stay safely on the ground.


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